Department of Animal Nutrition and Physiology

The department was established in 1969 and its activities in the chemical composition and Utilization of food in Livestock and Poultry feeding began in 1989 and expanded its research activities. 

Areas of Research

  • Assessing the nutritive value of conventional feedstuffs.
  • Identification, up-grading, processing and optimizing the utilization of the agricultural by-products and other natural feed resources in animal nutrition.
  • Finding new non-conventional feed resources and introducing the optimum utilization procedures.
  • Determination of nutrient requirements of the animal and poultry
  • Introducing optimum procedures for utilization of the forage crops by animals
  • Improving feeds management and nutritional management in the farms.
  • Identification of the resources and other capabilities in the country required for making mineral and organic supplements for animals.
  • Introducing optimum procedures for management of the animals in the range lands.
  • Determining the causes of the post-harvest reduction in the quality of the forages and feedstuffs and introducing applied methods for suitable collection, transport and storage.