Department of Animal Production Processing

In 1996 this department to develop research activities in the field of fibers and animal skins, milk and dairy products, meat and other animal products, was established


Areas of Research     


  • Studying the production, distribution, marketing and exporting of animal fibers
  • Carrying out research for maintaining the quality and quantity of the animal skin
  • Studying the specific characteristics of the fibers for using in carpet and other textile industries
  • Assessing the potential of exporting different kinds of raw animal skin
  • Examining the effect of genetic and environmental factors on the fiber characteristics
  • Research on appropriate methods of shearing, processing, quality controlling and storage of the fibers
  • -Research on the standard methods of grading, processing, packaging and storage of the skin


  • Investigating the reasons for bacterial contamination in milk and milk products
  • Using different techniques for improving the quality of milk products particularly cheese
  • Studies on minimizing the time required for cheese processing
  • Improving the methods of packaging and storage of milk products


  • Investigation on the novel methods to be used in slaughter houses for improving the quality of meat and its products
  • Studies on the optimum use of the by-products from the slaughter houses for industrial purpose and animal feedstuffs
  • Application of the standard methods on packaging and storage of meat and meat products
  • Determining the appropriate methods for preserving of meat and its products
  • Determining the main factors affecting physical and chemical characteristics and microbial contamination of meat products from slaughtering to consumption


  • Investigation on appropriate methods of packaging, preserving and supply of poultry eggs to the market.