Department of Animal Production Management

To determine how to use the strategies and make optimal use of resources and capabilities of the animals, this department was established in year 1377. The purpose of creating this new combination and application of science and technology and their compliance with the conditions of social, economic and climatic condition was the objectives of the department.

   Areas of Research

  • Investigation and assessment of different methods of animal production and reproduction
  • Conducting research related to production and reproduction management
  • Investigation on the effective parameters of the socio-economic on animal production management
  • Investigation on sanitation of the animal production farms
  • Investigation on feedlot management in order to introduce proper model for different region of the country
  • Investigation on technology required by animal production farms
  • Investigation on management of animals in the range-lands
  • Investigation on management of animal production farms machinery and equipment’s`
  • Investigation on extension of heat tolerance animal in the tropical and subtropical areas
  • Studies on reproduction behavior of farm animals and poultry
  • Conducting research in order to introduce proper reproduction techniques
  • Conducting research on semen collection and manipulation (dilution, fresh semen preservation, frozen semen conservation and so on) in artificial insemination
  • Studies on effective parameters responsible for the reduction of reproduction in farm animal