Research Projects

Research projects in Animal Science Research Institute of Iran

1- Development of a web-based GIS system for the information management of Iranian cattle populations. Research Worker: Saber Jelokhani-Niaraki. Abstract

2- A survey on production performance and economic efficiency of industrial dairy farms in Yazd Province Research Worker: Ahmad Bitaraf. Abstract

3-Effects of using different levels of Amaranthus grain in pelleted feed on performance and blood parameters of broiler chickens. Research Worker: Amir Hossein Alizadeh-Ghamsari. Abstract

5-Gene Expression Profile Analysis of Residual Feed Intake(RFI) for Isfahan Native Chickens Using RNA-Seq Data. Research Worker: Hamidreza Izadnia. Abstract

6-Estimation of genetic parameters and detecting major genes for some growth traits in northern Khorasan Kordi sheep using different statistical methods. Research Worker: Davoud Ali Saghi. Abstract

7-Determining the optimum levels of methionine in different ages of native turkey of East Azerbaijan province of Iran. Research Worker: Abasali Baghban Shahabadyan. Abstract

8-Effect of dietary inclusion of lecithinized palm oil granules (Osmofat 300) on performance, ileal fat digestibility and meat oxidative stability of broiler chickens. Research Worker: Abbasali Gheisari. Abstract

9-Effects of Different Levels of Medicinal Plant Powder Dill (Anethum graviolens L.) in Broiler Diets. Research Worker: Ghasem Pourhesabi. Abstract

10- Effects of different dietary levels of acidifier supplementation on growth performance and blood biochemicl parameters in Japanese quail.Research worker: Mohsen Mohamadi Saei. Abstract

11-The assessment of carcass composition of Lori-Bakhtiari, Romanov ×Lori-Bakhtiari, Pakistan×Lori-Bakhtiari lambs and synthesis between their. Research worker: Mohammad Ali Talebi. Abstract

12-Effect of short-term supplementary nutrition effect during the initial and final stages of oestrous cycle on reproductive performance of Kurdi ewes.  Research worker: Mohammad Norouzi Ebdalabadi. Abstract

13-Internal evaluation of research stations and genetic pools. Research worker: Nader Papi. Abstract 

14-The effect of probiotics in nutrition of honey bees on their gut microflora. Research worker: Naser Tajabadi. Abstract 

15-Effect of omega-6 source on metabolic and hormonal changes in Saanen goat at first pregnancy and lactation Research worker: Hoda Javaheri Barfourooshi.


16-Effect of oak acorn with and without polyethylene glycol on reproductive performance, blood parameters and immune response in native goats of Ilam province. Research worker: Hoshang Jafari. Abstract