Research Projects

Research projects in Animal Science Research Institute of Iran


1- Development of a web-based GIS system for the information management of Iranian cattle populations. Research Worker: Saber Jelokhani-Niaraki. Abstract

2- A survey on production performance and economic efficiency of industrial dairy farms in Yazd Province Research Worker: Ahmad Bitaraf. Abstract

3-Effects of using different levels of Amaranthus grain in pelleted feed on performance and blood parameters of broiler chickens. Research Worker: Amir Hossein Alizadeh-Ghamsari. Abstract

5-Gene Expression Profile Analysis of Residual Feed Intake(RFI) for Isfahan Native Chickens Using RNA-Seq Data. Research Worker: Hamidreza Izadnia. Abstract

6-Estimation of genetic parameters and detecting major genes for some growth traits in northern Khorasan Kordi sheep using different statistical methods. Research Worker: Davoud Ali Saghi. Abstract

7-Determining the optimum levels of methionine in different ages of native turkey of East Azerbaijan province of Iran. Research Worker: Abasali Baghban Shahabadyan. Abstract

8-Effect of dietary inclusion of lecithinized palm oil granules (Osmofat 300) on performance, ileal fat digestibility and meat oxidative stability of broiler chickens. Research Worker: Abbasali Gheisari. Abstract

9-Effects of Different Levels of Medicinal Plant Powder Dill (Anethum graviolens L.) in Broiler Diets. Research Worker: Ghasem Pourhesabi. Abstract

10- Effects of different dietary levels of acidifier supplementation on growth performance and blood biochemicl parameters in Japanese quail.Research worker: Mohsen Mohamadi Saei. Abstract

11-The assessment of carcass composition of Lori-Bakhtiari, Romanov ×Lori-Bakhtiari, Pakistan×Lori-Bakhtiari lambs and synthesis between their. Research worker: Mohammad Ali Talebi. Abstract

12-Effect of short-term supplementary nutrition effect during the initial and final stages of oestrous cycle on reproductive performance of Kurdi ewes.  Research worker: Mohammad Norouzi Ebdalabadi. Abstract

13-Internal evaluation of research stations and genetic pools. Research worker: Nader Papi. Abstract 

14-The effect of probiotics in nutrition of honey bees on their gut microflora. Research worker: Naser Tajabadi. Abstract 

15-Effect of omega-6 source on metabolic and hormonal changes in Saanen goat at first pregnancy and lactation Research worker: Hoda Javaheri Barfourooshi. Abstract 

16-Effect of oak acorn with and without polyethylene glycol on reproductive performance, blood parameters and immune response in native goats of Ilam province. Research worker: Hoshang Jafari. Abstract 

17- Determination of nutritional value of different varieties of forage sorghum in Alborz province .Research worker: Hossein Gholami. Abstract 

18 Medicinal Plant Powder Dill (Anethum graviolens L.) in Broiler Diets Research worker: Ghasem Pourhesabi.Abstract 

19-Effects of pollution of Zanjan Zinc town activity on animal and products of the area and suggestion of methods for reducing their effects. Research worker :Mohammad Hossein Nemati.Abstract 

20-Evaluation of performance of improved indigenous hens in rural areas.Research worker: Abbasali Gheisari.Abstract 

21-Isolation and molecular identification of lactic acid bacteria from honey in Isfahan province .Research worker: Sayyed Kamaleddin Allameh.Abstract 

22-The effect of urea molasses multinutrient block supplementation during late pregnancy and lactation on lamb crop of a nomadic sheep flock in Saveh Township under tribe condition. Research worker: Ramezan Ali Azizi .Abstract 

23-The effect of nutritional supplementation on quantitative and qualitative characteristics of Kurdi sheep’s wool of nomadic flock in Ilam province. Research worker: Yahya Abaspour .Abstract 

24-Comparison of milk production and hygiene status between dairy cows reared at free stall and open shed housing systems in Yazd province. Research worker: Ahmad Bitaraf .Abstract 

25-Consentration and investigation of Phytase Enzyme activity from bacteria and fungi. Research worker: Mehdi Amirsadeghi.Abstract 

26-Determination of economic value for Kordi sheep traits at North Khorasan. Research worker: Davoud Ali Saghi.Abstract 

27-Defining Breeding Goal and Selection Strategy for Rayeni Goat in Pasture System.Research worker: Najmeh Kargar Borzi.Abstract 

28-Effects of Heracleum persicum and Pimpinella anisum L. extracts on broilers performance, blood metabolites and immunity system. Research worker: Nader Papi.Abstract 

29-Effects of Coriander (Coriandrum sativum L.) Seed Powder on Performance and Blood Factors of Broiler Chickens. Research worker: Ghasem Pourhesabi.Abstract 

 30-Effect of weaning age on the productive and reproductive performance of LoriBakhtiari ewes and lambs growth traits.Research worker: Mohsen Bagheri.Abstract  

 31-Effect of incomplete pedigrees and the structure of relationship matrix on estimates of genetic parameters and breeding values for economical traits in Karakul sheep. Research worker: Seyyed Akbar Shiri.Abstract  

32-Application of tuna protein isolate in meat products formulation; Phase 3: Using tuna protein isolates in fish burger and hamburger formulation and investigating its effect on product’s quality and stability.Research worker: Amir Reza Shaviklo.Abstract   

33-Studying of effective hormones and blood metabolites on laying egg process among some native birds populations.Research worker: Hoda Javaheri Barfourooshi.Abstract   

34-Evaluation of performance of improved indigenous hens in rural areas of isfahan province.Research worker: Abbasali Gheisari.Abstract   

 35-Study the possibility of improving nutritional value wheat straw using of termite gut bacteria.Research worker: Hassan Fazaeli. Abstract   

36-Effects of inclusion Peppermint (Menthe piperita L.) & Thymus (Thymuse Vulgaris L.) to sheep’s diet on nutrient digestibility and metabolizable energy using in vitro techniques. Research worker: Hassan Khamisabadi. Abstract 

37-Effects of addition of Peppermint (Mentha peppirata L.) or Thymus (Thymus vulgaris L.) to diet on performance, rumen development and immune system function in suckling Sanjabi lambs.Research worker: Hassan Khamisabadi. Abstract 

 38-Effects of addition of Peppermint (Mentha peppirata L.) or Thymus (Thymus vulgaris L.) to diet on performance, rumen development and immune system function in suckling Sanjabi lambs. Research worker: Hassan Khamisabad.Abstract 

39-Impact of weather changes on milk production and fat percentage of milk in Holstein cattle in Mediterranean climate of Iran.Research worker: SimaSavar Sofla .Abstract 

40-Estimation of some population parameters and inbreeding rate of North Khorasan province flock’s sheep.Research worker : Davoud Ali Saghi .Abstract 

41-Assessment of performance and chemical composition of hydroponic barley fodder.Research worker: Abdolhamid Karimi.Abstract 


1-Determination of blood metabolites and fatty acids profile of meat and body fat from fattened kids fed by different levels of barley hydroponic fodder.Research worker: Mazaher Safdarian.Abstract 

2-Internal evaluation of Animal Science Research Institute of Iran (ASRI) on the basis of laboratories factor.Research worker: Ali Javanrouh.Abstract

 3-Development of a web-based GIS system for the information management of Iranian horse populations.Research worker: Saber Jelokhani-Niaraki.Abstract

4-Effect of feed restriction on performance, carcass characteristics and ascites related parameters in Arian broiler chickens in cold area.Research worker : Mohammad Hossein Nemati .Abstract

5-Effect of nitroglycerin blood pressure drug on performance and immune response of broiler under induced ascites syndrome.Research worker : Mohammad Hossein Nemati.Abstract

6-Effect of vitamin antioxidants and dried peppermint (mentha piperita) on performance and immune response of broiler under induced ascites syndromResearch worker : Mohammad Hossein Nemati.Abstract

7Effect of Lippia citroiodora, Cynara scolymus and Salvia officialis on response of broilers chickens under cold stress condition.Research worker : Saifali Varmaghany.Abstract 

8-Studying the rumen metabolites changes in sheep exposed to ruminal acidosis

Research worker: Mojtaba zahedifar.Abstract 

9-The effect of acidifier base on citric acid (with feed and drinking water) and comparison with commercial sample on performance, carcass characteristics, intestinal morphology and immune response of broiler chicks. Research worker :Alireza Hesabi nameghi .Abstract 

10-Evaluation of the performance of lambs derived from the crossbreeding of Karakul mother with Kordi and Baluchi rams. Research worker: Seyyed Akbar Shiri.Abstract 

11-Investigation effect of slow release urea (SRU), with or without molasses on rumen parameters, growth performance and carcass characteristics of fattening sheep.Research worker: Mohammad Reza Mashayekhi.Abstract